Hessischer Pilztag

  • The Hessischer Pilztag will take place on november 8th 2017 in Kerns in Switzerland. The morning program will focus on a corporate tour at Kernser Edelpilze GmbH in Kerns. The afternoon program, starting at 14.00 p.m. at Gastro Bord in Kerns, will contain serveral lectures. The subjects of these lectures are: 

    • The Kernser Edelpilze GmbH by Sepp und Patrick Häcki (CH), 
    • The Cultivation of the Gold Riding Hood (Pholiota nameko) by Geert Peter de Rijk (NL),
    • The Marketing by Producer Organizations by Michael Böging of Weisse Köpfe (D),
    • The latest Japanese novelties by Torsten Jonas of Pilzgarten GmbH (D).

    Prior to the Hessischer Pilztag the Annual General Meeting and an exchange of experience on research with fungi will take place on november 7th. This exchange of experience will be attended by dr. Johan Baars of WUR Wageningen (NL), Natalie Rangno of Institut für Holztechnologie in Dresden (D) and dr. Karsten Gründemann of UNI-Klinik, naturheilkunde in Freiburg (D).

    For more information on these events please visit www.Pilzbau.de or contact mr. Ulrich Groos at Ulrich.Groos@Pilzbau.de.

    Kerns, Switzerland

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